The Evermore Legacy Coming early 2020

Now that I am feeling better and not dealing with daily migraines,  I’m back to work on my books and so excited to be writing again. First up is completing the Evermore Trilogy, which I plan to self publish at the beginning of 2020. The Evermore Legacy consists of Ashmore, Nevermore, and Forevermore and features Grace Evermore in an edgy, dark, and sensual foray into the underworld of New Orleans. I hope you enjoy Grace’s adventures as much as I enjoyed writing them. (Note: The covers below are mock covers and will be replaced.)

Ashmore, #1 The Evermore Legacy

Long ago, the Gods walked among their servants. Now, they return to the streets and alleyways of New Orleans with a vengeance.

Grace Evermore, Sinclair Devereux, and their friends race to stop them. Grace must risk all and faces the threat of losing those that she holds most dear.

Betrayed and lost, she connects with a new ally as adrift and alone as herself. To defeat the enemy, the unrelentless demonic attacks force them to rely on her former allies to help prevent the enslavement of mankind.

Lines between good and evil grey and uncertainty reigns in the aftermath of merciless revenge of a most vile evil.

Forevermore, #3 The Evermore LegacyForevermore 7-22-17 7PM 300dpi

Evil overtakes the streets and infests the shadows of New Orleans.

As the world crumbles around her, the ancient Plague Devils invade the modern world. Struggling against these new, more powerful enemies, Grace Evermore turns to Sinclair Devereux and her old friends to build a safe zone within the city and to follow the lead on a cure that might banish the plagues.

While cities fall, Grace builds new alliances, faces the greatest danger of her life, and puts her heart at risk for an eternity.

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